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Nelson Manufacturing Company builds the Nelson Hardie air-blast orchard sprayers, Orchard Cab for Low Profile tractors and Nelson Tree Squirrel orchard pruning tower.
Located in Yuba City, CA, we pride ourselves with providing quality equipment that is not only durable and delivers exceptional performance, but requires very little maintenance and is easy to operate.

New products include the new Nelson Hardie Super 92, also known as "THE BEAST".  With Twin 46" diameter fans and 325HP diesel engine, this machine will provide excellent coverage in the tallest trees such as pecans and walnuts.  Please see more information on our "Orchard Sprayer" page.

Also new is the Nelson ONE SHOT tree recognition system for orchard sprayers which enables you to spray just the tree and not the spaces between.  More information can be found on the "More Products" page.

Please look over our products to see how we can help you enjoy increased production in your orchard and realize greater profits!
Thank you!
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